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We designed TOJI Nature Resort to utilize, reuse, and protect the rich natural resources of Costa Rica in order to provide our guests an unparalleled private retreat experience.  Located at the center of the cooperative Dos Colinas micro-farm and small business community, TOJI welcomes its guests to immerse themselves in nature and circular synergy.  


TOJI is the Maleku Indian Tribe word for 'sun'.  The Maleku people honor the sun for providing life to the forest. This small Costa Rican tribe is very active in reforestation efforts and lives off of what nature provides them.  We do not expect our guests to return to tribal living, but we can learn much from the Maleku people in our mission to lead more simple, connected, and sustainable lives.  Our sun is the source of almost all of our vast energy reserves and natural resources.  Human beings have been chasing and capturing this life-sustaining energy for millions of years, but only in the last few hundred has this natural, straightforward survival initiative been so undervalued and disrespected because of the system’s obsession with short-term profits.  At TOJI, we hope to honor the spirit and efficiency of the indigenous as we host innovators who can impact all of the world's civilizations. 

What makes TOJI so unique?


Private Waterfall

Swimming hole and rockslide hidden in the jungle.

Rain on Roof

Rainwater Harvesting

Conservation through imagination.


11 Ocean View Bungalows

Wake up to the calm Pacific breeze.

Candles and Wood

Recycled Art Studio

Join us in our mission to turn waste into value.


Regenerative Agriculture

Sustainable nourishment for the soil and soul.

Red Eye Frog

Private wildlife trails

Nature can be our guide to a better future.

Actionable Sustainability

Many retreats and resorts have made great strides toward making their amenities and operations sustainable, but none have gone as far as TOJI to offer their visitors the education and tools they need to incorporate these ideas into their daily lives and businesses when they return home.  TOJI Nature Resort educates through immersion, providing a calm place in nature for our guests to recenter, reflect, and rethink where they and their businesses fit into social and environmental causes that are important to them.  We offer all our guests farm-to-table breakfast, a personal concierge, and our daily "Awaken & Connect" yoga discussions to help fuel innovative, but realistic, solutions. 

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