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What is really important?

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If you feel empty or helpless participating in an economic system that does not align with your values, you are not alone!  So many others truly want to help lower our environmental impact and push for social equality, but get frustrated because they simply don’t know where to start. We have designed our immersive nature retreats to be a starting point for individuals and businesses of all sizes to transform their practices and become a part of the collective solution to save our planet.  By changing how we think about waste, consumerism, investing, and natural resources, we can begin to rebalance our system so that our children can grow up in a world that values people and planet at least as much as profit.

Sunchasers’ principal retreats are hosted at TOJI ocean-view nature resort, where the farm meets the jungle. TOJI lies at the center of a synergistic small business and micro-farm community in Costa Rica where each business has been set up to emulate the circular, efficient processes of nature and to create value by reutilizing waste from other businesses in the community.  We have created our yoga classes and discussions, nature walks and circularity workshops not to promote some idealistic Narnia, but to focus on what is realistic to implement when you return home. Our week-long retreats will equip you with the tools you need to feel good about your life’s work and begin to help fuel the positive change we all desperately need to save our planet and its people. 



without sacrificing

  • Design minimized footprint

  • Re-used scrap metal for furnishings and recycling bins

  • No trees cut down during construction
  • Rainwater harvest river for irrigation

  • Styrofoam waste -> insulation

  • Recycled Plastic Decking

  • Recycled materials Artwork

  • Breathtaking Ocean views

  • Personal Concierge 

  • Private Waterfall

  • Miles of private nature trails and guided hikes.

  • Farm to table Breakfast Included

  • Yoga Deck / Daily Stretches

  • Wifi / AC / Hot Water

  • Spa Treatments available 

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