Rediscover your place in nature...


We invite you to unplug, rebalance, and discover how nature and circularity can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. 

Meditation by the Sea

Pink Moon Yoga

January 11-17, 2023

The Pink Moon signifies rebirth and renewal, and that is what our good friends and instructors from Pink Moon Yoga in New Jersey invite guests to experience for their week here at Toji.  An exploration through self love, expression, nature, multiple yoga disciplines, and some adventurous excursions here in Costa Rica.

Meditation by the Sea
Balancing Rocks

Return to Nature Retreat

February 25 - March 3, 2023

For single travelers or couples experiencing post pandemic fatigue or general stresses of the rat race: this rejuvenating 1 week experience focuses on reconnecting you to your natural surroundings and brining clarity back to your existence.  From stretching and breathwork, to nature and farm hikes, to massages, to indigenous ceremonies, our “Return to Nature” retreat will give you simple and applicable ideas and practices to return home with a clear mind and refocused energy to begin your path toward a happier more sustainable life.

Meditation by the Sea

Rethink Entrepreneurship

People ·Planet ·Profitg 1

April 16-22, 2023

Have a start up company or an idea for a new business, but want to make sure your processes are in line with your environmental and social values?  Our Entrepreneurial Retreat program will put you connect you with eco-business owners and impact investors and help you transform your big idea into a sustainable business plan and circular model that will maximize your profits while minimizing your impact! 

Meditation by the Sea
Rock Balancing

Work/Life Balance

June 24-30, 2023

Do you or a loved one need a pause from your overwhelming workload to recharge and rethink where you are placing your valuable effort?  Family, friends, work, and hobbies all have their place in a happy existence, but sometimes you need to hit the reset button.  This retreat offers private and group learning sessions lead by Toji nature retreat founder Jay Webb. Jay will help reconnect you with nature and other human beings to aid you in building an achievable plan to rebalance your life and move forward with a new sense of calm and purpose.