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Immerse yourself in the circularity of nature

It is undeniable that our planet, people, and many of our world’s systems are in a concerning state of imbalance. 


Sunchasers has created a retreat experience and sustainable community to experiment with a more balanced form of capitalism and offer a peaceful place in nature for individuals and businesses to connect with nature, reflect on their practices, and transform their future.  



without sacrificing


  • Design minimized footprint

  • Re-used scrap metal for furnishings and recycling bins

  • No trees cut down during construction
  • Rainwater harvest river for irrigation

  • Styrofoam waste -> insulation

  • Recycled Plastic Decking

  • Sustainable materials Artwork

  • Breathtaking Ocean views

  • Personal Concierge 

  • Private Rock pools

  • Miles of private nature trails and guided hikes.

  • Farm to table Breakfast Included

  • Yoga Deck / Daily Stretches

  • Wifi / AC / Hot Water

  • Spa Treatments available 

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